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Currency Series: The Cowrie Shell Paintings #8

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Currency Series: The Cowrie Shell Paintings #8, Fall 2022
Acrylic, plastic cowrie shell, rice, gold glitter, coral, glaze.

A maker of bold and raw artworks, Kwesi Abbensetts draws inspiration from various cultural references and heritage. Kwesi Abbensetts works seem to abide by no convention, utilizing layered exposures, de-saturated hues, and fragmentation to create works that are otherworldly and spirited. His work is a sexy melding of colors and layered textures that feel like visionary environments, influenced by the colors of the Caribbean and Space. Abbensetts' process relies on waiting, spontaneous inspiration and feelings that place trust in randomness, moments and happenstance. Abbensetts work is tightly bound to his identity and consequently his work and subjects become a rendered celebration of his culture and the beauty.

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