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Peppapot Magazine Issue #3

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A photography magazine by Kwesi Abbensetts.

Peppapot magazine reflects the photography work that Kwesi Abbensetts has done over the years. He decided to take his work and compile it into this beautiful magazine that reflects his photography through portraiture, travels and experiments. It is a magazine that reveals and reflects his cultural connections.

Images by Kwesi Abbensetts

Published by Kwesi Abbensetts

Delivery - Each order has to be sent to the printer so allow about two weeks for delivery.

8.5×11 in (22×28 cm), 44 pages

A Premium high-end magazine finish with a heavier cover.

Cover: 80# Semi-gloss (216 GSM) for heft and protection

Pges Paper: 80# Matte text (118 GSM) paper

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