DAYLIGHT: A Solo Exhibition of paintings by artist Kwesi Abbensetts, September 30, 2023, Newark, New Jersey. 


Kwesi Abbensets will be showing raw abstract paintings of works made on un-stretched canvases. The works reflect wild strokes of abstraction, and the rich color experiments of Kwesi Abbensetts’s enigmatic paintings.  This exhibition will be done in collaboration with the @newarkarts Newark Art Festival 2023. The show will take place in a private salon in Newark, New Jersey. 

Caribbean Bites will be served by Chef Anya Peters owner of @kitankin 

Kwesi Abbensetts is a Newark based multi-disciplinary visual artist, his work involves the use photography, painting and filmmaking.

His process of creating is led by the intuitive, being a "maker," and unconscious calling. It relies on waiting, spontaneous inspiration, Caribbean colors, feelings and emotions. It is a process that places trust in randomness, serendipitous moments and happenstance. His process uses memory information, cultural connections, the influence of space and environment to create the work - a call and response.

Abbensetts work is tightly bound to his Caribbean identity and the black Diaspora experience. His work takes from this experience and its abstract and literal interpolations. Consequently his works and subjects become a rendered celebration of black culture. Abbensetts work is concerned with what he refers to as “Revisionary Self Appropriation," the intent to build new context and representation of self without relying on directed posited contemporary references.

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